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Bretty's, located at 2971 East Sterling Road   Jonesville, Michigan, is "The store that brings people from far away" and has a distant history as well.

The family business first opened in September 1988. According to its long time owners, the building served as a one-room school house since it was built in 1854. "The last class taught in the building was in 1952, the school was built over a previous structure which had a log foundation."

Previous students who had attended the school house have graciously shared bits and pieces of history over the years.

The original windows, 12 over 12 pane, were replaced and the graffiti on the walls was stripped. Upon painting, the owners left a spot untouched where a signature of Hank Walker with the date March 1868 was found.

Bretty's lends atmosphere to the primitive Americana gifts and home accents it offers to customers. Inside the rustic interior, one can find original oil theorems; variety of seasonal prints, hand-dyed and hand-woven rugs, a wonderful aroma of candle scents, unique lines of hand thrown pottery, along with collectable bears and many seasonings and dips to help embellish many affairs!

Bretty's in General, located directly across from Brettys, offers more eclectic merchandise. For example the lodge look is very popular, along with many nautical items to decorate lake homes in any area.  An extensive line of  gourmet food items; soups, bar-b-que sauces and a wonderful variety of jams and dips are great for year round entertaining.

Bretty's and Bretty's in General are open 7 days a week. Our hours are Monday-Saturday 10-5:30 and Sunday noon-5:oo.

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